Open joint stock company "Zelenoborskiy" is a manufacturer of molded products (egg trays and other products and articles), peat-based products and engineering products.

The enterprise in 1949 for the purpose of production of fuel peat for providing zhodinsky CHPP with the production program of production of 490 thousand tons of fuel peat is organized. Peat extraction at the enterprise is made since 1951. From 1951 to the present, the volume of production of milling peat amounted to more than 14.5 million tons.

In 2008 the shop on production of microfertilizers on the basis of humic substances is entered: Elegum-Boron, Elegum-Zinc, Elegum-Manganese, Elegum-Copper, Elegum-Complex, "Elegum-Complex-List" in packing with the dispenser.

Currently, designed, manufactured and mastered the production of export-oriented new product from paper pulp type "Madis". In 2017 release of 10 local packing for domestic market of new design with a four-color label is mastered, the first consumer is JSC 1st Minsk poultry farm.

In shop of peat production the line is put into operation and production of the top peat deoxidized with addition of mineral fertilizers which is Packed in bales up to 4m3 and bags of 250 liters is adjusted (peat kipovanny "big-Beg" sour, deoxidized; peat kipovanny in volume of 150, 250, 300 liters; peat nutritious soils "flower", "Seedling", "not Oxidized", "country", "productive", "Universal", volume 2,5; 5; 10; 20, 50 liters) Hm. The export of peat products is carried out in Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cyprus, Slovenia.




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