The concern "Bellesbumprom" carries out its activities in cooperation with the Republican bodies of state administration, local authorities and self-government, and other organizations.

The subject of activity of the company is General management, overall management, coordination and representation of interests of participants of concern in the field of forestry, woodworking and pulp and paper industry.


Belarus has a unique renewable resource. Forests cover almost 40% of the country's territory. Such raw materials reserves also determine the wide development of woodworking production.

Therefore, the strategy of the Republic's timber industry is based on deep processing of wood resources in order to sell finished products with high added value on the markets.

The country's enterprises are equipped with equipment from leading world manufacturers, which has been used for deep processing of wood to produce a wide range of products that are in demand on the market.

In Belarus, the timber industry has been steadily developing over the past 15 years. The following indicators have been achieved:
- the volume of business wood processing increased by 10 million cubic meters - from 5.7 million cubic meters in 2006 to 15.7 million cubic meters in 2019, i.e. 2.7 times;
- exports of the forest complex increased by 2.7 times to 2.3 billion dollars, its share in the total export volume of the Republic of Belarus increased by 1.9 times (from 3.7% to 6.9%).

The best result was obtained for chipboard and wood-fiber boards. Their exports increased by 5.3 times to 533 million dollars.
A significant increase was provided by enterprises of the pulp and paper industry. In 2019 alone, they increased production by 44% compared to 2018. Exports of products from this sector increased by 23.8% in 2019.

Practically the whole range of products is export-oriented. Here belongs an impressive line of wood-based panels (particle boards, fiber boards, MDF/HDF), plywood of different grades, laminated flooring, pulp, a variety of paper and cardboard, wallpaper, furniture, sawn wood, prefab houses, wood fuel, construction elements and many other commodities. The accomplished modernization of enterprises led to twice as large product range, which now comprises about 80 commodities.

A number of enterprises produce innovative products, such as, for instance, Svetlogorsk pulp and paper mill produces bleached sulphate pulp that is in demand on the world markets, Mostovdrev JSC is the only factory in the country to produce large-size and water-resistant plywood.

The companies of the Concern in the aggregate are the largest furniture manufacturer in the country. More than 60 % of furniture is sold to Italy, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Belgium, Austria and other countries.

The geography of wood processing products deliveries from Belarus covers more than 70 countries. In 2019, only the concern's enterprises exported products worth 578.6 million us dollars, which is 3.6% more than in 2018.

Currently, the concern continues to implement several more investment projects in the field of pulp and paper production. New production facilities are being created in Dobrush and Shklov. When new production facilities reach their design capacity in 2022, additional exports of products will amount to more than 500 million us dollars.

The industry has potential for further development. Such areas as pulp and paper production and, in particular, the production of various types of packaging from paper and cardboard, as well as furniture production and bioenergy-the creation of plants for the production of fuel pellets – are considered as promising areas.

In the near future (2021-2022), the concern's organizations expect to increase the gross volume of pulp production by 68.2%, paper and cardboard by 21.2%. For other types of products, an increase of 2% to 3.5% is expected.